What are the precursors of couple breakups? How to save?

Many people will fall into this phenomenon when they fall in love. When they talk for a long time, two people will start to have conflicts and start quarreling and cold war. In fact, there are no reasons for the two loves together, but once the feelings appear no matter which side The problem, there will be a steady stream of cracks, all kinds of suspicions, doubts, and then there will be a variety of reasons for breaking up. It is said that love is a compulsory course in life. In the process read more

Fun bed brings a refreshing sensory experience

Sometimes, it is not the durability of a man’s hardness that determines the sex time. It is not a woman’s good figure or a good voice, but the environment and the places and props when you are in love. The same is sex at home, the kitchen table and the living room sofa and the bedroom bed are exactly like three separate spaces. As a result, many men and women have been inspired, and they have a surprising summary of the bed of sex. Sofa bed, the best temporary comfort when libido is read more

What should a husband and wife live in the mirror?

A couple who have been married for many years to buy food. The wife pointed at a fish and said, “I want that one, live and jump, very fresh.” The husband replied: “I also have a lively jump around me. Why don’t you feel fresh?” In fact, many times, many couples will be too Familiarity and loss of freshness, so that sexual love can not be interested; and some people have been unable to get the climax from their sexual life, and began to avoid it. In the United States, read more

Uncomfortable after the incident

A middle-aged couple usually lived in the darkness in the dark, and suddenly there was a sudden “heart-to-heart” in the middle of noon. After the incident, they found that there was a lot of blood on the penis. They went to the hospital for examination that afternoon. It turned out that there was a big polyp in the cervix of the woman. In fact, in the past, when sexual life was alive, there may be bleeding with different degrees of process, but nothing was discovered. A woman had blood read more

Women in sexual life are more eager to “love”

Learning a sexual skill is a shortcut to a harmonious sex life. But besides that, there are many things we need to do. For example, in addition to the sex skills of genital contact, sexual skills such as oral sex are also very important. Moreover, women are more concerned about the feeling of sex life than how to make love, so men must let women have a feeling to make sex life more beautiful. Appreciate the woman’s body and make it “sexual”. But be careful not to comment on her read more

4 tricks used by “love liar”

In the emotional world, not all good men will be combined with good women. The marriage is divided because the combination of good men and bad women, or bad women and good men eventually leads to the collapse of marriage, but even worse. When you are in love with you, you have never thought of planning to marry you. You even want to please you in front of you, but behind you, you are flirting with other women. Today, Xiaobian will unveil the “love liar” for everyone. Little tricks. read more

Female body secrets that Mu Nai does not understand

Since the concept of “sex” that has the most primitive enlightenment between men and women, it is convenient to have sexual curiosity. And this curiosity comes almost from the curiosity and inner desire of the opposite sex. As a result, some concepts have been forced from a young age, deep-rooted, leading to some interesting misunderstandings of men’s physical physiology. 1, pubic hair color has a famous joke, used to peep into the woman’s skirt scenery. A blonde found read more

What are the benefits of a harmonious couple’s sex life?

It is a normal thing for couples to have sex. Every couple will have sex life, but it is not easy to have a harmonious sex life. Many couples have sex problems, so we should pay attention to it. To adjust, to maintain a harmonious sex life, then what are the benefits of a harmonious husband and wife sex life? 2, increase hormone secretion, men will secrete a hormone called deoxyandrosterone every day, and men also need to regularly add such androgen, Because only in this way can the characteristics read more

What are the signs of normal back pain during ovulation?

Is the backache normal in ovulation? What are the precautions? During the ovulation period, there will be some changes in the female physiology, just like the menstrual period. Some women will have symptoms such as decreased appetite, strong energy, decreased resistance, and high sexual desire. Therefore, during ovulation, Women should pay more attention to their usual time. When is ovulation ovulation is the process by which egg cells are discharged together with surrounding cumulus granule cells. read more

Pregnancy is no vaginal discharge during ovulation?

What is the vaginal discharge during the ovulation period? It is normal to have no vaginal discharge during ovulation. Women don’t have to worry too much about this matter. Let it be natural. If you want to be pregnant, then pay more attention to it. You can use ovulation test strips to measure ovulation day. Only when the egg is ovulating can the egg be discharged, thereby conceiving. Physiological leucorrhea Physiological vaginal discharge, including from the size of the labia, vestibular read more